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Recently I was honoured with a Norwood Helping Hands Award. I am immensley proud to have received this honour. I was unable to attend the awards dinner in london (attended by over 1,000 people including The Duchess of York, Simon Cowell, Vanessa Feltz and Kate Garraway). Here is the video that was played at the awards ceremony in my absense. Many thanks to everyone at Norwood for this incredible honour.



Our Story

Kippot for Hope was established to support the Jewish communities of Uganda. As of July 2009, there are approximately one thousand Ugandan Jews, all living in the east of the country. They have poor and simple lives - in stark contrast to most other Jews living in the Disapora.

They live in small communities, in mud and stick homes, without electricity or running water. Their daily meals consist of rice, beans and matooke (a type of plantain). Their shabbas meals are exactly the same - bread and wine are a luxury that very few can afford. They pray in simple synagogues, built from brick - most without windows or a floor. Their communities have extremely limited health facilities. When a community member needs medical treatment they often have to be carried on the back of a bicycle to the nearest town. Learn about the history of Uganda's Jews.

Kippot for Hope aims to improve the lives of these communities by connecting them to other Jews around the world. The men and women of these communities are skilled craftsmen, able to crochet colourful kippot. We do not seek donations (although they are always welcome!) but we aim to generate income for the community through sale of their kippot worldwide.

100% of all profits made goes directly to the communities that we support. The funds are used in various projects covering health, education, agricultural and religious initiatives. Discover more about our projects.

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